Diane Egner on LinkedIn: Ybor's BarrieHaus Beer Co: the small brewery with a big reputation (2024)

Diane Egner

Publisher at 83 Degrees Media

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Ybor City's BarrieHaus Beer Co. has won two gold medals at the prestigious World Beer Cup, including one this year, and earned Best Small Brewery at the 2024 Best Florida Beer Competition. 83 Degrees Media BarrieHaus Beer Co. Casa Ybor Ybor City Development Corporation Ybor City Chamber Of Commerce https://lnkd.in/eJQjZxiK

Ybor's BarrieHaus Beer Co: the small brewery with a big reputation 83degreesmedia.com


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    "Maybe I don’t need to convince you that beer media is valuable; after all, you’re reading a beer website right now. But it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate how a strong and varied beer media benefits the industry..."Those hangers-on to the beer industry who publish and broadcast and post about beer and everything to do with it? Well, they make the beer industry stronger and more creative than it could ever be without them. Brewers make better beer. More people buy beer. And when we see each other’s humanity, I like to think we all treat each other a little better as a result, too."Plus, the people who won Best Media trophy at the AIBAs for the past 10 years share some cool insights into the beer scene - now, over the past ten years or so, and looking forward.Who'd have thunk that people who immerse themselves in the beer world and think and write and talk about beer would have good things to say?


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    Great read from the viewpoint of media (writers, podcasters) on the beer industry.The answers to questions about surprising ways the industry has developed and what stories we should be talking more about are insightful, especially the comment about fresh beers.Cheers, The Crafty Pint!


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    And so begins the next chapter....


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    • Diane Egner on LinkedIn: Ybor's BarrieHaus Beer Co: the small brewery with a big reputation (13)
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    The craft beer industry has seen a remarkable surge in recent years, with breweries popping up all over the map. Amid this booming landscape, breweries face the age-old question: what style of beer should they focus on to ensure success?In this era of specialization, can a brewery’s prosperity truly hinge on the choice of a beer style? This article delves into a fascinating journey through the world of craft beer, unraveling the secrets of brewery success and offering insights that might just transform your perception of the craft beer industry.#craftbeer

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    🍻🍺 Thirsty for local beer? Discover @sacramentotop10's top picks for breweries and brewpubs in #Sacramento. #GetListed #SacramentoTop10 #SacramentoRestaurants

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    Insightful article from Beth Demmon on looking back at 2023 and forward to next year for SD beer, including this quote from Chad Heath:"Providing breweries bring their A-game to the table in 2024, I feel it will be a good year. You can’t be a hobbyist and be successful in craft beer anymore. You have to run it like a thriving business where you invest the time and effort to make your brand well-represented.” I couldn't agree more with the sentiment that, in the maturing craft beer industry and especially the ultra-competitive markets, it is crucial to have a strong business mindset to be successful. And absolutely critical to take advantage of new technology and opportunities to make it happen.Cheers to #SDbeer in 2024!


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    Over the past 12 months, a perfect storm has been brewing over our heads.I am sure you are aware that numerous independent breweries have either, close their doors, entered voluntary administration (VA) or gone into liquidation.The main reasons our Industry is hit so hard relates to: ·Unjustly high beer taxes (excise) that increase twice a year.·Massive increases in input cost (aluminium, packaging, grain, hops, yeast, gas, electricity, and logistics).·A change in consumer behaviour of drinking less or differently and/or turning to cheap beer options.·Difficulties to recover from post-Covid cost effects and losses AND·Bullish behaviour by the big guns, through tap contracts and kickbacks to venues.While we talk about these challenges, we don't complain or dodge responsibility, rather, we are trying to steer our business in a direction of strength and out of the path of the storm. We have turned our focus to hyper local, food, music and events and working collaboratively with other independent businesses.We believe that with the help of our friends, loyal customers and a few smart decisions, we can ‘Ride out the Storm’.And to help us do so, we have developed an exclusive membership.The membership allows us to raise some cash, and this will off course help and in return, we reward those that take it up with real benefits.There are 3 levels of membership and there are some great freebies, with the value of the rewards being 2 – 3 times that of the membership cost, including: FREE welcome pack that includes a T-shirt, stubby holder, Ambassador pin, beer and more,FREE monthly/weekly pints of beer at the brewshed (level dependent)FREE carton (s) of beer to take homeDiscount on Merchandise, BeersFREE tickets for Pony eventsDiscounts on on-line purchasesFREE pints on your birthday and food for you and your friendsThe process is quite easy, just jump on-line, sign up and we do the rest. If you like what we do, you can support us and in addition to getting all these freebies, your KRAMA account has filled up as well. :) Thanking you from the bottom of our hearts, Frank and Corinna and the entire Pony team.

    • Diane Egner on LinkedIn: Ybor's BarrieHaus Beer Co: the small brewery with a big reputation (23)



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    On this day in 1935, the first canned beer was sold. 🍺 Introduced by the Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company and the American Can Company, the cans were made of tin-plated steel and featured a special enamel lining to prevent any interaction between the beer and the metal, preserving the quality of the beverage. Over 3,000 beer cans—each with their own unique story—are set to go up for auction. Learn more about the rare cans! ➡ https://lnkd.in/gTFGmpda-------If you like this post and want to learn more about collectibles, the hobby and the industry, please:👍 LIKE✍ COMMENT♻️ REPOST#collectibles #history #americana #beerlovers | Molson Coors Beverage Company

    A Historic Moment for Beer Lovers https://thisdayincollectibles.com
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Diane Egner on LinkedIn: Ybor's BarrieHaus Beer Co: the small brewery with a big reputation (28)

Diane Egner on LinkedIn: Ybor's BarrieHaus Beer Co: the small brewery with a big reputation (29)

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Diane Egner on LinkedIn: Ybor's BarrieHaus Beer Co: the small brewery with a big reputation (2024)


Who drinks craft beer the most? ›

Drinkers By the Numbers
  • Millennials make up 32.9% of the volume of craft beer consumers, and this demographic makes up 26.1% of the total adult population.
  • Gen X'ers make up 23.9% of the volume of craft beer consumers, and this demographic makes up 18.7% of the total adult population.

Is craft beer a good business? ›

Compared to similar business models such as a restaurant or bar, breweries are extremely profitable. The average profit margin for breweries is typically around 20%. And according to Beverage Trade Network, a “good” profit margin for a brewery is around 25% or higher.

What is so great about craft beer? ›

Unlike mass-produced beers that often prioritize uniformity over taste, craft brewers revel in experimentation. From crisp IPAs bursting with citrusy hops to rich stouts infused with notes of chocolate and coffee, craft breweries offer a tantalizing array of flavors to suit every palate.

What makes a great craft beer? ›

Flavor and Craftsmanship

It takes more than just a unique tale and a pretty label to make a craft beer what it is. A popular craft beer and other type of unique and artisan beer should also be equipped with special flavors and delicious additives to make the beer taste well from the onset to the aftertaste.

Who is the biggest beer drinker? ›

1 title goes to the Czech Republic, which claimed the top spot for the 30th consecutive year in 2022 with 188.5 liters (approximately 50 gallons) of beer consumed per capita. Filling out the top three are Austria and Poland, which placed second and third, respectively.

What state drinks the most beer? ›

The States That Drink the Most Beer Overall

Naturally, the most highly populated states in America are the states that consume the most beer, with California — the most populous state in the U.S. — leading the pack with 795.2 million gallons of beer drunk in 2021.

What state is number 1 in craft beer? ›

Despite California being, the leading craft beer producer, Vermont is the state with the most breweries per capita. In 2022, there were over 15 breweries for every 100 thousand residents in Vermont.

Is craft beer on the decline? ›

US craft-beer production dips in 2023 amid wider category woes – data. Craft beer production declined 1% on 2022 levels while the country's "overall beer market" booked a 5.1% decrease.

Is beer making an expensive hobby? ›

As hobbies go, homebrewing is inexpensive. You can make it costly, but the basics can be done very economically. Once you have the needed equipment, the cost of ingredients and expendibles for a moderate gravity 5.0-gallon (19-L) batch of beer is generally only 30 to 40 dollars.

Can craft beer cause stomach issues? ›

Yes, there are anecdotal reports from individuals who have experienced malaise, digestive problems, and other adverse reactions after consuming beers with a high hop content. These individual experiences, while not conclusive, suggest that some people may be more susceptible to hops-related discomforts.

Is craft beer good for gut health? ›

The live yeast and beneficial bacteria found in craft beer can help promote a healthy gut microbiome, which is important for proper digestion, immune system function, and mental health. Choosing low-alcohol or gluten-free options can further enhance the positive effects of craft beer on gut health.

Why is craft beer so expensive now? ›

Beer is getting expensive because the costs of production have increased just like everything else in the economy. All those hops and grains cost $$.

What kind of people drink craft beer? ›

In the 2015 Harris poll data, non-Hispanic whites were 86.3% of craft drinkers, with 13.7% coming from other races/ethnicities. In 2018, the percent white dropped to 85.5%, with non-white increasing slightly to 14.5%.

Is craft beer better than regular beer? ›

Unlike conventional beer, craft beers provide better health benefits due to their varied and high content of phenolic compounds (PCs) and also due to their alcohol content, but the latter is controversial.

Who are the main consumers of craft beer? ›

Major findings of this study indicated that craft beer consumers tend to be younger, mostly males, highly-educated, with higher incomes.

Who is the target audience for craft beer? ›

Demographics: As of 2022, the largest demographic segment of craft beer drinkers in the United States were millennials, aged 25-34, accounting for 35% of the consumption.

Who are craft beer drinkers? ›

While craft beer drinkers are often characterized by their sensory preferences for innovative beers of high flavor complexity, high quality and authenticity, there are also a number of other attitudinal, motivational and behavioral characteristics of craft beer drinkers that have been identified.

What age group drinks the most craft beer? ›

The age group with the largest increase in craft drinkers was 35-44-year-olds, with a 16% increase, to 56%. The 21-34 age group had the highest rate of craft drinkers at 60%, a 10% increase from last year. Older respondents, ages 65 and up, had the lowest rate of craft drinkers, at 21%.

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