Your Last Rites - ShatteringStardust (2024)


Wild looked up from her Slate, carding a hand through Wolfie's fur. Sitting a few feet away was Zelda, picking at her dress and frowning. She saw Urbosa glance over, Mipha and Daruk talking. Revali fiddled with his bow. "Yeah?"

"If you don't mind my asking...why..." Zelda seemed to get more nervous as she spoke, biting her lip. "You always seem so...passionate about this entire ordeal. Did." A swallow. Wild's heart dropped, had she - "Did things not go well in your timeline?"

Mipha and Daruk had stopped talking, looking over curiously. Wild gripped her Slate so tightly, Wolfie nudged at her in concern. Her hands trembled. No, she thought. Already this world was so much better off. She was able to advise the Champions on how to defeat the Blights, the was a warning about the Guardians, the Yiga were all but taken care of, everything was going so well here because they'd failed in her world.

"No," she finally said. Her voice sounded empty even to her own ears. Wolfie shifted again. "All the Champions died, you and I were sealed away for a century."

A beat.

"I would not have died," Revali huffed.

Would. Would not have died?

Wild's hands clenched into fists. Wolfie stood up with a growl of warning. Revali's squawk plopped against the ice in her head. In front of her, the Slate shows its inventory, where among the other trinkets stored was a necklace of five blue feathers. Wild all but stabs her finger onto the icon, the necklace appearing in her hand.

The camp went silent, actually silent this time as Wild stormed over to Revali. She shoved the necklace in his stupid beak.

"I DID YOUR FUNERAL RITES MYSELF, YOU STUPID BLUEBIRD!" Her hand shook. "Your corpse was found a century after the Calamity in an avalanche. They didn't know who it was or where any family or wing siblings were, so Teba was going to do the rites." Her lip curled. "It. Is a damn good thing I visited Hebra with my brothers and offered to pay tribute, because otherwise your body would NEVER have been identified."

There was something in Revali's eyes - green eyes set in a blue feathered face. For a moment, the feathers looked faded and frozen to her, cold and dead. Wild grabbed Revali's scarf before he could pull away, he squawked but her grip was tight. "Don't you f*cking DARE say you didn't die, you stupid, arrogant bird, because I'm the one who cried over your frozen, dead body that had been in an avalanche for A HUNDRED! YEARS!" Her face stung, the image of Revali quivering. Oh. She was crying.

The camp was silent again. Revali tried to pull away, but she neither looked at his face nor let go of his scarf.


Her own voice, disused and soft.

She ran.

The night was cold as she overlooked the cliff. They'd come to Akkala to get rid of the Yiga. Below her spanned the Shiekah camps as they prepared for the long task of reclaiming the citadel.

A breeze blew by. Wild shivered.

Memories danced and screeched in her head - vague whispers of the last time she'd seen her fellow Champions alive, the cacophony of the months spent looking for anything left of their corpses. The tears she'd shed when she was unable to find Revali's fell again, a great avalanche in her soul.

Seeing her wing-brother's corpse lying in a makeshift funeral roost, unrecognized and to be burned without the Rito ever knowing who he was despite being a legend.

The month she'd spent perfecting the Rito funeral rites, all the times Twilight held her in bed so she had to rest after a long day, her eyes blurred.

Wracking her memory for every detail she could recall about the Rito Champion, writing all of it down.

Telling all the stories she knew as she took feathers to make a necklace.

Telling them again, to the Elder, to Teba, to all the Rito, because Revali had died protecting them and yet they didn't know him.

Wild didn't, really, but she was all they had.

They didn't even recognize his corpse.

A twill blanket laid over her shoulders, a feather brushing against her cheek. Apparently by accident, as a blue Rito sighed behind her.

She didn't say anything, and neither did the wing-brother whose corpse she cried over.

The blanket was of Hebra design. She'd been given a similar one as a gift from Teba.

The minutes passed.

"Alright," Revali finally relented as he sat down beside her with a sigh. Wild looked over at him. He huffed. "What?"

"You followed me," she said quietly. He didn't respond right away, instead looking out over Akkala. His fledgling marks were still bright pink. They'd still been bright pink when she'd been left in that roost to grieve.

Silence again as Wild turned away. She could do that, she was good at silence.

Revali wasn't.

"You did my funeral rites?"

The question was quiet, like a whisper in a storm of silence. She looked over at him. There was that look again - she thought she saw disbelief and shock, but also hope. She nodded. "Nobody else who fought beside you was still alive."

"You, though."

She nodded.

"Your Revali must have been different," he huffed. Wild hummed.

"Not really," she said. "Stubborn, perfectionist, proud, rude, but he loved his people and fought until the bitter end." A bitterness came over her. "I still wish I'd been able to talk to the stupid bird again."

There was more silence, and Wild looked over. Revali had turned away from her, not to Akkala but completely away, so she couldn't see his face. "What's wrong?"

Revali sighed. "You clearly know little about the nuances of Rito funeral rites. I have no doubt that you performed them perfectly, but." He looked back at her, and she saw that he was crying.

"Such careful consideration goes into who performs the rites. Family, wing siblings, only those who are closest to the deceased." Revali wiped the tears away with a feather. "I don't expect you to comprehend the amount of care that goes into the process. But for a body we can't identify, it's about acknowledging they existed and honoring their life. Normally, a non-Rito could never be involved or even see the body without a damn good reason." He chuckled darkly. "Of which the Hylian being a Heroine would be one."

Wild listened as Revali continued. "Family, wing-siblings, I have none, and I have not since before I lost my down."

She swallowed. "I might know the feeling." Revali scoffed.

"You had opportunity handed to you since you drew that blasted blade."

"If you call being beaten into perfection an opportunity, sure," Wild groused. Revali looked at her.

"If you're about to say we're the same, shut your teeth." Wild blinked. "What?!" Revali snapped.

"Shut my teeth?" She raised an eyebrow and giggled.

"Oh please, they're basically a beak covered in flesh," Revali crowed. Was he smiling? He stopped, so apparently yes.

Wild tapped her Slate and in strings of blue light, another twill blanket appeared. Revali frowned, but didn't fuss all that much as she wrapped it around him.

"We're not the same," he hissed.

"No," Wild laughed. "You're a Rito orphan who pushed himself to perfection because you had nobody but yourself and then died. I'm a Hylian orphan who drew a magic sword and was beaten into the shape of perfection and then died."

"See? Completely different," Revali said, crossing his wings. He pulled the blanket closer.

"Exactly," she agreed.

Silence. Below them, fires were starting to go out in Sheikah camps. Above, the sun was long gone from the sky, painting the night in pinpricks of silver.

"What is up with you?!" Revali exploded, the blanket thrown off as he leaped to his talons with a flap of his wings. Revali glared at her.

"Quite a lot of things, actually," Wild grumbled.

"No, no, don't you look away from me!" The blue Rito shouted. "You - ugh!" He pointed a feather in her face. "You said you were the same as our Heroine before the Calamity, so why are you so DIFFERENT?!" The Rito's chest heaved, eyes narrowed in anger.

Wild glared back. "Yeah, I was the same. BEFORE the Calamity! - "

"Then why - "

"Because I died too, you stupid bluebird!" She shot to her feet, smacking Revali's wing away. "I said ALL the Champions died, Vali!" She pointed a finger in his face, and he backed up. She paused and dropped her hand. "Neither of us were good enough to survive that onslaught. I died, but I wasn't allowed to stay that way." Wild sat back down. "I lost my memory, when I came back. My wolf, he's like a big brother or a dad to me - he raised me on the Great Plateau and then across Hyrule." She laughed to herself. "I was a seventeen year old terror seeing the world for the first time in her living memory."

It was quiet for a moment. Wild would have been content to stew in memories of bright sunny days on the Great Plateau, innocent days before she was aware of the gravity her situation.

She'd felt like she could fly.

But Revali wasn't good at quiet.

"What did you use for the wreath?" He sounded curious, not angry, and she looked at him where he'd sat back down.

"Spicy pepper plants, chillshrooms, windblowns, and a Silent Princess," she listed. "With Hebra pine branches to hold it all together."

"Oh," he said.

"What are you trying to say?" Wild asked. "You keep dancing around it."

Revali huffed. "You did my funeral rites."

"Yes," Wild chuckled.

"Why?" Revali demanded. "It's not like I even get along with my Link, so I don't see any reason it would have been different for you. Why would you do my funeral rites?"

Wild took a moment to think about it, though she didn't need long. She remembered the moment she'd walked into that funeral roost, her heart dropping at the sight of blue feathers. She could say it was tradition, since they'd fought together, but that really wasn't the crux of it. The other Champions meant something to her, something nobody else had ever quite been.

"They didn't recognize you," she said. "Not because of poor preservation - your body was very well preserved in the ice, the color had barely faded from your feathers. You were their Champion, and they didn't even know what you looked like." She sighed.

She stewed for a moment. "You deserved better than a rite for a nameless Rito. I'd looked for your body or even a feather before I fought the Calamity, but nothing. I think that was a good thing - I had more stories to share with your people by the time you were found."

Revali wasn't good at silence. "Thank you," he said. She looked at him in shock. A slight grin curved his beak. "That was exactly what I wanted my wreath to have."

"You may have told me," she laughed. "It just felt right. I think I have a picture of it away from the body of you'd like to see?"

"No!" He yelped. "I do not want to see my own funeral rite!" She laughed, and then he was laughing.

The blanket was thick and heavy, and by now Wild was getting a bit stuffy. "Do you want the blanket back?" She asked. Revali shook his head.

"Not right now. Just give it back in the morning." He looked over the cliff and without saying a word, dove down. She blinked.

A minute passed, and then Revali was rocketing back up with his Gale, her blanket wrapped around him. "I saw some Yiga down there plotting, maybe we should do something about that."

The rest of the night was filled with explosions. Maybe Wild wasn't all that good at quiet after all.

Your Last Rites - ShatteringStardust (2024)


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